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The Benefits of WAN


WAN software has always been the backbone of any major organization. WAN or Wide Area Network is different from LAN or Local Area Network in a much as a wide area network is spread across a much larger area, deployed in multiple formats and used by many many individuals.

Smaller companies will use a LAN if they have an office with multiple users. The advances in WAN now make a LAN format almost totally obsolete, with the use and deployment of tablet technology and companies becoming more and more mobile with their technology, a company through its software and hardware is able to assist its users become more mobile.

Of course, the advances in WAN based software now mean that the internet can be incorporated on a functional level to every user, while still remaining on the company’s WAN service. The biggest advances in WAN software can be seen in the firewall and security world. A number of years ago, the biggest worry to networks was external attack by a third party. Now, thanks to the advances in WAN technology over all, everyone has to focus on not just the threat of something attacking the network externally, but also internally. Firewalls have advanced to support WAN and the companies that use them from the advanced levels of attacks. Years ago there was no concept of keeping a mobile cell phone as part of your network that could access information while work and talk.

In software-defined networking, or sd wan, routing and switching and the movement of data and digital voice traffic is kept within software, and removed from the hardware platforms that have traditionally controlled the flow of traffic in the network. This is a very cost effective for businesses.

Also, consider that one piece of software can be open by multiple users at the same time, sharing information on the spot, including large files which wont have time to be scanned before they are moved from PC to PC. This means that Firewall and network protection software such as anti-virus has advanced to a whole new level to learn to serve the WAN world. The advanced user tools that WANs now offer present a range of new challenges to network security and infrastructure, as a result these new firewall software developers have had to keep software constantly adapting to the new changes that are coming with new WAN technology, this ensures that the latest threats can be dealt with and WANs can be kept safe with the ability to keep the users of the network not actually aware that the software is running in the background and that their work is not impacted or slowed down as a result.